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My name is Lynn and I’m happy you found my website. Here you’ll find a collection of sentiments and greeting card sayings that I’ve accumulated from various places. None of them are original, but I hope this site will help you find the right words to say.

Everyone who is in business needs a way to keep in touch with their customers. That means a custom greeting card is perfect for everyone!

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Be sure to come back often as I plan to update the site frequently.

Enjoy the new year

On the New Year’s night
Look up to the stars
Thinking of the passing year
And remembering the love
The magic, the joy
And all the moments
That make you happy

Look ahead and cherish the past
Make a wish
And be grateful for what you have got
May the New year be filled
With peace and harmony,
With happy reunions
And exciting adventures,
With the blessed happy days
Spent with your dear ones!

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Let’s celebrate our love

To my very special one,
The gift of Heaven
I can’t stop being grateful for

I am happy we can talk forever
And never get bored,
I am happy we share each other’s dreams
And make them come true together
I am grateful for the simple moments of joy
And for the light that fills me inside
Every time I think of you

I am happy since the day
I’ve met you
And hope a million days
Lie ahead

To my loving Dad

Saying “Thank you”
Is never enough
To express my love
And gratitude

Dear Dad,
Your caring smile
Is what I always carry in my heart
Your soft embrace
Makes me strong and safe
I feel I owe you the world
Because you opened the whole world to me
And words can never say
How proud I am to be the daughter
Of the best ever Dad!

Open road


To (Name)
The special day of graduation
Opens the road to happiness
The road filled with dreams come true
The road to yourself


May you find your guiding star
Leading you through the mingled paths
To what you are destined for
With the ocean of achievements
Taking you on its waves
To your brilliant future!

Love Potion

You’re my love and my devotion
From the day we firstly met
You’re for me like magic potion
Drinking it I won’t regret!

The Most Memorable Day

Tonight is a light night
Tonight you are bride-to-be
So let’s make this moment bright
Remaining in your memory

The room is full of presents
The smile is on your face
Our girl is getting married
Dressed up in dress with lace

Forever Young

You’re getting old
But not for long
Our joy and laughter will make it all gone!

Get ready for party
Drink wine and Champaign
You’ll not even notice
Getting younger again!

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Your Dream comes true

You’ve been dreaming of your marriage
Since you were a little girl
Now you’re standing near carriage
That will take you to new world

Let this day be turning point
Of your happy future life
Let all troubles, tears, annoying
Gone for good and left behind!

Big Day Arrives

Stop counting your candles
It’s time to relax
You B-day is near
Forget about wax!

Dress up in all fancies
You’re hero today
For you is my greeting
Of happy Birthday!

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