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Lynn and Richard Huber

Hi, I’m Lynn Huber and thanks for stopping by. I have achieved success with Network Marketing and have been able to retire from my day job in order to work for the best boss in the world – ME!

It hasn’t always been easy. I didn’t have an upline and so I’ve had to go looking for mentors and training that would help me reach my goals. At times I created my own way and figured it out as I went along. I’ve definitely had some successes, as well as failures and “learning opportunities” along the way.

Today my business is worth over a million dollars and I am well on my way to the top. So, I want to “give back” by offering what knowledge I have to help you achieve the success you desire. I hope you’ll find ideas and suggestions within these pages to give you just the boost that will help you achieve everything you dream of.

My Entrance into Direct Sales/Network Marketing

I had a wonderful job as Marketing Manager for a large food distributor. I had created the Marketing Department from the ground up and things were really going well – I could pretty much “write my own ticket”. I certainly wasn’t looking to build a business.

But my husband, Richard, and I love to Square Dance. I have a Square Dance website that was starting to get rather large and was becoming quite expensive, and I was only looking for a way to help defray the costs without having to charge admission, or having to require a password to access the site. The truth is I chose the company I started with primarily because I knew the quality of the products and that I wouldn’t have to do home parties. I didn’t have time for parties between working 50-60 hours per week and commuting 1 to 1-1/2 hours each way to work, and square dancing.

So ten years ago, Richard and I entered the Network Marketing world. He has been my partner from the beginning. We started out slowly, selling products at dances and selling to dancers on my e-mail list. But then we tried out passing out brochures around the neighborhood to see what happened, and within 16 months, we had enough to pay cash for a brand new Honda CRV. :) That was a huge wake-up call for us. Wow! What could we do if we really tried? Well, I gave up my corporate job 3 years later and have never looked back.

Besides earning a great income, we’ve earned two all-expense paid cruises to the Caribbean – the 2nd one as #1 in the Entire Nation! We just returned from the Dominican Republic, compliments of our Network Marketing Company.

We’ve achieved all of this working in the usual channels – face-to-face, warm market, booths in fairs and events, talking to people in shopping centers, etc. But I’m now learning to market myself online for even more growth. I’d love it if you came along and I will teach you what I learn.

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