Wedding Anniversary

Wedding is one of the most important moments in our lives. That is why it is called the Big Day. At the same time Wedding Anniversary is a good opportunity to remember how it was and to immerse you in pleasant reminiscences of the most memorable event. Wedding Anniversary is usually celebrated in a close circle of friends and family. Presents are obligatory! Make sure you have prepared them in advance. In addition our quotes and greeting card messages will help you to say the most touching and impressive toast. At the same time they will turn out to be a good addition to the main gift. Don’t forget to buy flowers.

Let’s celebrate our love

To my very special one,
The gift of Heaven
I can’t stop being grateful for

I am happy we can talk forever
And never get bored,
I am happy we share each other’s dreams
And make them come true together
I am grateful for the simple moments of joy
And for the light that fills me inside
Every time I think of you

I am happy since the day
I’ve met you
And hope a million days
Lie ahead

Love Potion

You’re my love and my devotion
From the day we firstly met
You’re for me like magic potion
Drinking it I won’t regret!

Through Time and Space with Love

Through time and space, apart from years
I bring my love and give to you
I promise you will have no tears
And only happiness for two!

Never Enough Time

Cover Verse:

For My
Beautiful Wife,
Our Anniversary

Remember when
we were first together,
and we would talk and kiss
and do whatever we wanted
for as long as we wanted?

Inside Verse:

I wish it could
always be that way,
but so often it seems
there just aren’t enough
hours in the day
to accomplish everything
we have to do
and still squeeze in
some special time for

So on our anniversary,
remember that
no matter how complicated
or crazy our days may get,
one simple, timeless truth
is forever in my heart –

I adore you, (Name).

You’re Both So Loving

Cover Verse:

On Your Anniversary,
Mom and Dad

Inside Verse:

Because you’ re both
so loving and so thoughtful
In all the special things
you say and do,
You’re wished the happiest
anniversary ever
With all the love that’s yours
the whole year through!

Have a Wonderful Day

An Anniversary Wish

Cover Verse:

(Name) and (Name),
An Anniversary Wish

Inside Verse:

May your anniversary
be just as special
as you are!

A Toast to Us

Inside Verse:

Here’s to our dreams,
our memories,
and all
our tomorrows.

Happy Anniversary

What Are Parents?

Cover Verse:

For Mom and Dad,
With Love
On Your Anniversary

What are Parents?

They’re the wonderful couple
who’ve given so much,
And who bring love and joy
to the lives that they touch,
They’re two special people
who willingly share,
Who are never too busy
to listen and care,
They’re the ones who encourage
and patiently guide,
Who think of their children
with genuine pride…

Inside Verse:

And because their devotion
is loving and true,
Their “family ties”
last a whole lifetime through!

Sister & Her Husband

Cover Verse:

To a Special Sister
and Her Husband

(Name) and (Name)!

Inside Verse:

We get so busy with our lives
and everyday routine
We forget to tell the ones we love
how much they really mean,
So this is just the perfect time,
apart from any other,
To put in words the love that’s yours —
you’re a great sister and “brother”!

Have a
Happy Anniversary