New Baby

It is a true miracle when a baby is born. It is the biggest happiness in anybody’s life. Nothing can be compared with that feeling. You can also become a part of this happy moment and congratulate your friends and relatives with a birth of a baby. Our website offers wide range of quotes and greeting for cards on different occasions. New Baby is not an exception. Here you can find different wishes of health and happiness to both children and their parents. It will be a perfect way to say that you are glad for them. At the same time parents will get a boost of positive emotions.

Things You Can Look Forward To

Cover Verse:

Things to look forward to,
ten little fingers
ten tiny toes
the sweet smell
baby powder
little toys
soft lullabies
baby coos
and precious smiles
blankies and teddy bears…

Inside Verse:

…a whole
of love
and magic
and dreams

So Happy for You

Sweet Baby Girl

Cover Verse:

A Baby Girl

Inside Verse:

The softest little cuddles
and the sweetest
The warmest hugs
and love to share –
your baby girl
and you!

What Is a Baby Girl?

Cover Verse:

Katie Marie Robinson

G is for her gentleness,
her tiny hand’s soft touch,

I is for her innocence
that warms your heart so much,

R is for her radiance,
her cute and precious face,

L is for the love
that makes your world
a sweeter place.

Inside Verse:

(Name) and (Name)!

You Have a New Grandchild!

Cover Verse:

(Name) and (Name),
Your new little grandchild
will bring you love…

Inside Verse:

…love small enough
to hold in your arms,
and big enough
to fill your world
with happiness!


First Baby

Cover Verse:

Your First Baby

in your world,
in your eyes…

Inside Verse:

First in your thoughts,
first in your lives,
First in your hearts
as a brand-new life starts…

Your very first baby,
your joy!

(Name) and (Name),
Best Wishes

Two Little Twins

Cover Verse:

Two Little Ones
to Love

Two miracles
instead of one —
Two moonbeams
two rays of sun…

Inside Verse:

Two special lives
have just begun —
Two times the joy,
two times the fun!

(Name) and (Name),

It’s a Girl!

Cover Verse:

Baby Girl Happiness

Booties and bonnets,
ribbons and lace,
Little stuffed toys
all over the place…

Inside Verse:

Bet you’re excited
and your heart’s in a whirl,
Soon you’ll be falling in love
with your sweet baby girl!

Best Wishes, (Name),
on Your Baby Shower

Baby Girl

Cover Verse:

As Your Daughter,
Is Christened

Inside Verse:

A sweet little baby
all dressed up in white
Smiles at the candle,
a sign of God’s light.

She’s come to be christened,
still too small to know
The wonders of God,
from whom all blessings flow.

But family and friends
gather near to proclaim
That she is God’s own —
He’s called her by name…

So, Little One,
trust in this moment and rest,
For you’re cherished and loved,
and your life has been blessed.

May God Be
with You and Your Daughter

For Baby Boy

Cover Verse:

(Name) and (Name) —
Your new
little son (Name)
is just one more
wonderful reminder
of the miracle
of God’s creation…

Inside Verse:

May his Christening day
be filled
with every blessing.