For many people Birthday is the brightest and the moat expected holiday throughout the whole year. It is always full of exciting surprises, interesting celebrations, lots of joy, entertainment and present, of course. However some people find it difficult to pick up the most appropriate gift. That’s a common thing today with a wide range of different souvenirs and other useless things. The most important thing is to express your true respect and devotion to your close person who is celebrating his Birthday. That is why our greeting for cards and quotes will turn out to be a good choice if you still can’t make up your mind what to present.

Forever Young

You’re getting old
But not for long
Our joy and laughter will make it all gone!

Get ready for party
Drink wine and Champaign
You’ll not even notice
Getting younger again!

Big Day Arrives

Stop counting your candles
It’s time to relax
You B-day is near
Forget about wax!

Dress up in all fancies
You’re hero today
For you is my greeting
Of happy Birthday!

My Birthday Wishes for You

Cover Verse:

My Birthday wishes for YOU,

I hope that your birthday
is better than ever.

I hope your face
hurts because your smile
is so big.

I hope your whole day’s
filled with sunshine and laughter.

When you wish
I hope you wish big.

I hope your tomorrows
are friendly and kind.

Inside Verse:

I wish, for you, these things in life:

adventures, good days,
good friends, good times,
happiness and a whole lot of fun.

happy birthday!

You’re 18 Today!

Cover Verse:

Go Crazy!

Inside Verse:

But not too crazy-
You can legally
be kicked out of
the house now.

Celebrate You!

Cover Verse:

Another year
to give
to receive
to dance
to sing
to learn
to grow
to smile
to laugh
to love
to live
to be unforgettable…

Inside Verse:

Another year
to celebrate you,

Remarkable Son

Cover Verse:

To Our Son, (Name)

We’ve lectured and talked
and given advice…

We’ve worried and watched
and tried to be nice.
We’ve listened and cared
and we’ve understood…

We gave you our love
the best that we could.
So what did we get
for all that we’ve done?

Inside Verse:

A truly remarkable,
wonderful son!

Happy Birthday
with Love
from Mom and Dad

To My Husband

Cover Verse:

Happy Birthday
to My Husband

Inside Verse:

With all the love
a heart can hold
because you mean
the world to me.