Boss Day

Do you like your boss? In most cases the answer will be “no”. But it does not mean that your boss should be left without present on his professional holiday. Boss Day is widely spread not only in the United States but also in other countries worldwide. It is usually celebrated on October 16th. That is why you need to be sure that you have something to present on this day. Your gift should not be very expensive or bright. Greeting card messages and warm wishes will be more than enough. Your boss will certainly appreciate such approach. Who knows, maybe you will find your salary a bit higher next month.

Damn, We’re Good!

Cover Verse:

They say
you can best judge
a boss
by looking at
the group
that works for him.

So, what we’re really
trying to say is…

Inside Verse:

Damn, we’re good!

Happy Boss’s Day, (Name)

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What is a Wonderful Boss?

Cover Verse:

On Boss’s Day, Kelly

What Is a Wonderful Boss?

Someone who knows
the magic of teamwork.

Someone who believes
in dreaming as well as doing.

Someone who looks for the good
in others – and finds it…

Inside Verse:

Someone who takes the time
to make everyone feel important.

Someone who knows when to ask
“What’s wrong?” and
when to say what’s right.

Someone who is an everyday hero.

Thanks for being the kind of boss
people can respect and admire –
and for being the kind of person
who makes the workplace
a nicer place to be.

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On Boss’s Day

Cover Verse:


Inside Verse:

For all you do every day
to motivate and encourage,
and for the many ways
you recognize
and show appreciation
for people’s efforts…
thank you.

Having a boss like you
makes all the difference.

Happy Boss’s Day
from (Name)

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Perfect Compliment

Cover Verse:

On Boss’s Day,
We’d like to pay you
a compliment,

Inside Verse:

You’ve sure got
a great bunch
of people
working for you!

Happy Boss’s Day

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