Fathers Day

There are lots of different holidays dedicated to women and very few dedicated to men. That is why Father’s Day is a very special occasion when children and wives all over the country have a chance to express their feeling towards their beloved husbands and fathers. This holiday is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June and turns out to be a very popular summer occasion with lots of entertaining programs, outdoor activities and competitions. If you also want to congratulate your father on this occasion nothing can be easier. All you need is to visit our website and choose from the wide range of greeting for cards and wishes related to this holiday.

To my loving Dad

Saying “Thank you”
Is never enough
To express my love
And gratitude

Dear Dad,
Your caring smile
Is what I always carry in my heart
Your soft embrace
Makes me strong and safe
I feel I owe you the world
Because you opened the whole world to me
And words can never say
How proud I am to be the daughter
Of the best ever Dad!

To Loving Husband

Cover Verse:

To My

It’s true that we can’t spend our days
just snuggling in bed —
What once were “lazy Saturdays”
are filled with chores, instead.

We may no longer have the urge
to go and play all night —
Now just staying up till ten
is barely worth the fight…

Inside Verse:

We may no longer have the time
to make the mood romantic —
Now we’ll settle for a break
that isn’t downright frantic!

We may no longer do the things
that we once used to do…
But the longer we’re together, Dear,
the more I’m hooked on you!

Happy Father’s Day

From Daddy’s Big Girl

Cover Verse:

From Daddy’s
Big Girl,

Inside Verse:

The bigger I grow,
the more I know
I’m lucky as lucky can be,
‘Cause the nicest daddy
in all the world
Is the one
who belongs to me!

Lots of Love Always
Happy Father’s Day

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To Dad, With Gratitude

Inside Verse:

You’re all the things
a good father should be.

FROM (Name)

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The Man I Love

Cover Verse:

For the
Man I Love
With All My Heart

Inside Verse:

Thank you for all the ways
you’ve brought
your caring and support
into our family life
and for all the happiness
you’ve brought to my heart…

Thank you for being
the special man you are –
the man I love
so very much.

Happy Father’s Day
with Love from (Name)

Greatest Grandfather

Cover Verse:

If a wishing star
to give me either
a million dollars
or the greatest
in the world,
I’d take the
million dollars…

Inside Verse:

…because I’ve already got
the greatest grandfather
in the world.

Happy Father’s Day
from (Name)

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I Still Look Up to You, Dad

Cover Verse:

When I was little,
I looked up to you
so much, Dad…
I thought you were
the strongest,
most wonderful dad
in the world…

Inside Verse:

Now that I’m grown up,
I still feel that way.

Happy Father’s Day
From (Name), With Love

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It’s Your First Father’s Day!

Cover Verse:
For (Name) with Warm Wishes for a Delightful First Father’s Day

Inside Verse:
Little ones need fathers who are warm and loving, too, Fathers who put kindness into everything they do — So your baby sure is lucky to have a father great as you! Happy First Father’s Day

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A Slippers-on Day for You

Cover Verse:


Inside Verse:

Wishing you

a relaxing,




kind of day.

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For Someone Special

Cover Verse:

For Someone Special
Happy Father’s Day,

Inside Verse:

Some people have a way
of reaching out and touching
the lives of others –
cheerfully, thoughtfully, kindly.

Remembering you on Father’s Day
and wishing you lots of happiness
because you’re someone very special.
Have a Wonderful Day

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