Are you sure you have true value for your friends? They are probably the most important people in our lives among with family and relatives. They will always lend a hand when you have your back against the wall. They will always encourage you and cheer up in case you think there is no way out from any tough situation. That is why you need to take a good care of your friends and remind them of your attitude. Our wishes and greeting card messages will help to express your true devotion and love to those who play important role in your life.

Best Friends

Cover Verse:
B  F  F

Best Friends Forever

Inside Verse:

(Name), I hope you’re my friend
forever –
because that’s how long
I’m gonna need you!

A Friend Like You

Cover Verse:

A friend like you,
is a joy
to be celebrated.

Inside Verse:

You’re never too busy to listen,
never too busy to care,
You’re always so eager
to offer your help
along with the gifts that you share,
You’re a woman
who’s made such a difference
in so many wonderful ways –
Someone who’s loved
and liked and admired
and who’s wished
the most special of days.

Why God Made Friends Like You

Cover Verse:

For (Name),
a Special Friend

God made friends
because stories, dreams,
hugs, and prayers
are meant to be shared.

God made friends
to remind us
to laugh a lot
and to be silly

Inside Verse:

God made friends
to help us feel
loved and accepted
just the way we are.

God made friends
to shine His love in our lives
in a very special way.
With heart-to-heart
prayers and wishes
for a friend
who means so much.

God Bless You
Today and Always

Friends Are the Best

Cover Verse:

For My Friend,

are the greatest.

make you laugh till your cheeks hurt.

can pull you out of a dumper day.

are always there for you.

always remember when…

are good times shared.

are the best.

Inside Verse:

for always being
a friend should be.

Glad To Call You My Friend

Cover Verse:

are those people
who touch one another’s lives
and become a part of them…

who learn to share
in one another’s happiness,
in their deepest secrets,
and in their fondest dreams…

Inside Verse:

A really close friendship
doesn’t just happen –
it takes time to build
the kind of trust and respect
that makes a friendship
a lasting one.

Friends are those people
who touch one another’s hearts
and lives
and make them brighter
and happier
as time goes by.
(Name) –
I’m so glad
to call you my friend.

For a Very Special Friend

Cover Verse:

For (Name),
a Very Special Friend

Friends are people you just like
without even trying.
Friends do fun stuff with you.
Friends have good ideas.
Friends make you laugh.
Friends help you
when you need it.
Friends make you happy.

Inside Verse:

Thinking of you
with a thank-you
in my heart
for all the happiness
you bring to my life.

Your Friendship Is a Blessing

Cover Verse:

Your Friendship
Is a Blessing

God has given me a great gift.

Genesis 30:20

Inside Verse:

I feel blessed by our friendship –
by the joy you show when
I share good news with you,
your compassion for me
during difficult times,
and your loyal, loving spirit,
which you share every time
we’re together.

A friend like you is a wonderful gift.

You and I Are Like Family

Cover Verse:

We’re More Than Friends,
We’re Like Family

We’re there for each other
during good times, hard times,
and all the in-between times
when there’s not much exciting
happening in our lives.

We understand
each other’s thoughts
and feelings
and those times that we don’t,
we’re able to accept
the differences in each other.

Inside Verse:

We help each other
solve problems and fix hurts
and when there’s nothing
we can do to help,
we listen and share hugs
and teardrops.
We’re more than friends,
we’re like family
and I hope you
always know
how much you mean to me.