Get Well

It is always frustrating when dear and close person gets sick. You want him to recover as soon as possible. That is why your friends and relatives need a good care and encouraging words. This is when our quotes and greetings for cards will be rather useful. With only a click of a button you can wish your friend to get well. At the same time it will give his spirit a boost of energy and positive emotions which are so necessary for a fast recovery. You can opt for wide range of wishes and be absolutely certain that such encouragement ill certainly have a positive effect.

Hospital Gowns

Cover Verse:

Since you’re in
the hospital, (Name),
you ought to know this…

What is the name
of the man who
invented the hospital gown?

Inside Verse:

…Dr. Seymore Butts.

Hang in There!

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Better Than Yesterday

Cover Verse:

A Get-Well wish for you,
Hope today finds you
feeling better than yesterday…

Inside Verse:

…and that you’ll feel stronger
with each new tomorrow.

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Sending Little Prayers

Cover Verse:

Sending little prayers,

Inside Verse:

The Lord bless you
and keep you

Numbers 6:24

…for heaven
to smile on you.

Please Get Well Soon

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Take Your Time

Cover Verse:

While You’re Getting Better,

Inside Verse:

Take time to think,
Time to feel,
Time to rest,
Time to heal…
Take all the time you need.

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Feel Better Soon

Cover Verse:

Hope your day
is cushioned
in comfort –
pillows plumped,
thoughts relaxed,
heart warmed
with prayers and wishes
made just for you.

Inside Verse:

Rest well and feel better soon!

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A Helping Hug

Cover Verse:

Would a Hug Help?

Inside Verse:

Sending you
warm, sunny wishes
and bunches
of feel-better hugs!

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From All of Us

Cover Verse:

From All of Us…
Feel-better thoughts.
Hang-in-there hugs.
Keep-your-chin-up wishes.

Inside Verse:

Just wanted
to be sure you knew
we’ve been thinking about you, (Name).

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We Miss Your Smiling Face

Cover Verse:

Get Well Soon

Inside Verse:

We miss
your smiling face.

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Hope You Feel Better

Cover Verse:

Thinking About You,

Inside Verse:

Hope you feel better
and better each day!

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Healing Thoughts

Cover Verse:

Rest comfortably
Think good thoughts
Be patient with yourself
Picture yourself well
Relax, recover,
and remember…

Inside Verse:

Healing thoughts
and good wishes
are being sent your way.

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