Graduation is another step to the world of adult life. At the same time is a starting point for successful future career in a chosen profession. That is why graduation is celebrated by students all over the world as an ending of another step in their lives. You can also congratulate your friend or relative with tis important occasions. There is no need to give presents. Some warm and encouraging words will be the best bet in such situation. You can choose the most appropriate wishes and greeting card messages on our website in “Graduation” section.

Open road


To (Name)
The special day of graduation
Opens the road to happiness
The road filled with dreams come true
The road to yourself


May you find your guiding star
Leading you through the mingled paths
To what you are destined for
With the ocean of achievements
Taking you on its waves
To your brilliant future!

You Should Be Proud

Cover Verse:

Congratulations, (Name)!
You have a lot to be proud of…

Inside Verse:

You should be very proud of yourself
and of all you’ve accomplished.
You’re someone who deserves
the good things that happen,
and I have a feeling
that there are a lot more
good things in store for you!

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You’re a Shining Star

Cover Verse:

To (Name),
a Very Special Graduate

Like shining stars,
every one of us
has the potential
to light up the darkness
with our own
particular brilliance.

Inside Verse:

May your graduation
be the beginning
of a bright future for you –
a future filled
with success
and happiness!

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Following Your Dreams

Cover Verse:

To (Name),
on Her Graduation Day

Far away there
in the sunshine
are my highest
I can look up
and see their beauty,
believe in them,
and try to follow
where they lead.

Louisa May Alcott

Inside Verse:

Always follow your dreams
and believe in yourself –
for someone
as special as you
has the ability
to create a world
of beautiful tomorrows.

and Happy Graduation!

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More to Come

Cover Verse:

For (Name)

Your graduation
is certainly
an achievement,
but you know
there’s a lot more
to come —
goals, dreams,
and opportunities
that bring you
and help you make
a positive difference
in the world …

Inside Verse:

Hope your future is filled
with wonderful things
because you’re
a very special graduate
who deserves the very best.

and Happiness Always

You Are Awesome!

Cover Verse:

Congratulations on your graduation, Sarah!

Inside Verse:

That’s awesome!

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A New Chapter

Cover Verse:

…and so begins
a whole
new chapter
in your life,

Inside Verse:


The Song of Your Soul

Cover Verse:

As You Graduate,

Somewhere deep within you
is a song that plays softly —
a song of life,
and dreams,
and wisdom —
a call to an adventure
that’s uniquely yours…

Inside Verse:

Take time to listen
to the song
of your soul
and see where it leads you.

Congratulations, (Name)

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Way to Go!

Cover Verse:

Way to Go,

Inside Verse:

Are you great,
or what?


Wishing You Blessings

Cover Verse:

To Wish You
Many Blessings,

As You
Follow Your
Special Dreams

Inside Verse:

Believe in yourself —
in your talent and skills
that have brought you to this special day,
Believe in yourself —
in your God-given gifts,
and your faith will help show you the way.
Believe in yourself —
and your own heart will tell you
the dreams and goals to pursue,
Believe in yourself —
you’re someone unique
with no limit to what you can do!

Wishing you the blessings
of courage and faith
as you follow your dreams
and make them all come true.

Congratulations, Graduate

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