Passover is considered to be one of the most important biblical festivals and holidays in the Jewish culture. It is traditional held on 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan in order to commemorate the story of the Exodus. It has a very strong religious and cultural background that is why it is of great important for all Jews. If some of your friends or relatives follow this tradition, you are supposed to congratulate them on this occasion. Sometimes it is rather hard to choose a present without knowing customs of other cultures. This is when our wishes and greeting card messages will come in handy.

A Passover Wish


A Passover Wish
for You,


This brings a wish
for an especially happy Passover
and all the good things
life has to offer.

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Special Wishes


This special
Passover greeting
a wish
for many
special things…


For happiness,
good health, and cheer —
at Passover
and throughout the year!

Happy Passover,

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Special Friend

A Passover Wish
for You, Amy,
Because You’re a
Special Friend


This Passover greeting
brings many a thought
Of the joy and the pleasure
your friendship has brought,
And it brings a warm wish
for your happiness, too,
Not just at Passover,
but all the year through!

Happy Passover

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Thinking of You at Passover

Thinking of you
and wishing you
Peace and Happiness
in your heart and your home
at Passover and always.

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Happy Passover

Wishing you a joyful Passover season
and happiness all through the year.

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