St Patrick

No matter if you are Irish or do not have any connection with this nation. St Patrick Day is a worldwide holiday that I s celebrated practically in all countries. The United States are not an exception. This is a perfect time to meet with friend s and spent some time in a traditional Irish pub all dressed green. Lots of festivals, parades and entertaining programs are available for people who are eager to let their hair down in a pleasant company. However this holiday also has historical background which is reflected in our quotes and greeting for cards. Don’t forget to congratulate your friends on this occasion.

Hap-pee St. Pat’s Day


Lenny the Leprechaun is here
to perform a lively Irish jig
just for you, (name)!


Of course, 8 beers
and no bathroom
kinda helped.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

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Grandest of Days


Thinking of you
St. Patrick’s Day,
because you’re family…


and because you’re loved.

Wishing You
the Grandest of Days
and Happiness Always

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Wishing you
a dream in your heart,
a smile in your step,
and a little bit of magic
on St. Patrick’s Day
and always!

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