Belated Wishes

Cover Verse:


Hope Your Day
Was As Special
As You Are

Inside Verse:

Happy Belated Birthday!

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My Birthday Wishes for You

Cover Verse:

My Birthday wishes for YOU,

I hope that your birthday
is better than ever.

I hope your face
hurts because your smile
is so big.

I hope your whole day’s
filled with sunshine and laughter.

When you wish
I hope you wish big.

I hope your tomorrows
are friendly and kind.

Inside Verse:

I wish, for you, these things in life:

adventures, good days,
good friends, good times,
happiness and a whole lot of fun.

happy birthday!

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Mother’s Day Wishes for You

Cover Verse:

the Mother’s Day Fairy
heard you wanted
a day of
rest and relaxation –
no cooking, no cleaning,
no errands.

Inside Verse:

She said she does wishes,
not miracles.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Beauty and Light

Cover Verse:

A Hanukkah Wish for You, (Name)

Inside Verse:

May this season
of beauty and light
fill your heart and home
with happiness.

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You’re 18 Today!

Cover Verse:

Go Crazy!

Inside Verse:

But not too crazy-
You can legally
be kicked out of
the house now.

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Hospital Gowns

Cover Verse:

Since you’re in
the hospital, (Name),
you ought to know this…

What is the name
of the man who
invented the hospital gown?

Inside Verse:

…Dr. Seymore Butts.

Hang in There!

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You’ve Enriched Our Lives


You’re a
to Both of Us
What gives beauty
and meaning
to life
is our capacity
for giving to others,
our ability
to experience joy
and to share it
with those around us.


On Mother’s Day,
we want you to know
how much we appreciate
the special person you are
and the caring things you do.
We want to thank you
for being the kind of person
who puts others first,
and who can always be counted on
for a warm smile,
a word of encouragement,
and a helping hand…

You’ve enriched our lives
in so many ways,
and we hope you know
how important you are to us
and how much
we both love you.

Happy Mother’s Day
Happiness Always

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Joy, Love, Peace

Inside Verse:

A simple wish for JOY,
a heartfelt wish for LOVE,
a lasting wish for PEACE,
a special wish for you, Danielle.

Happy Holidays

Sending a Little Sunshine

Cover Verse:

Sending extra love
your way to let you know
you’re wonderful
in each and every way.

Inside Verse:

Happy Mother’s Day

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Celebrate You!

Cover Verse:

Another year
to give
to receive
to dance
to sing
to learn
to grow
to smile
to laugh
to love
to live
to be unforgettable…

Inside Verse:

Another year
to celebrate you,

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